A wedding venue in Milton and Burlington creates moments like these – a bride and groom kiss.

4 Tips to Make Milton and Burlington Wedding Venues Picture-Perfect

You spend months planning out the perfect wedding—that magical day that will mark your life for better or for worse. A crucial part in the organization is researching Milton and Burlington wedding venues and selecting the right one. But when it finally arrives, you’re so caught up in the whirlwind of emotion and festivities that much of your wedding day is a fleeting blur, from the cake to the music and the bouquet toss.

Photographs help the happy couple reminisce about the day they began their life together. Capture every moment and create memories that will live on forever. Consider these four tips to get the best wedding photos on your big day.

  1. Choose your style of photo. It is important to have an image in mind of how you would like your photos to appear. There are several different unique photography styles. You can choose natural on-the-fly type of shots or the traditional approach with the photographer directing the photos, or the artistic approach of using angles to create the right frame.
  1. Invest in the right photographer. Once you’ve nailed your vision, it’s time to find a photographer with the same eye for detail. Start your search early and browse numerous portfolios to get a sense of the quality and style of work. Look for thoughtful compositions and a variety of shots and angles. Most importantly, make sure you feel comfortable with your photographer of choice, as they will be shadowing your every move for the duration of the celebration.
  1. Make a shot list. Do not tie up your photographer with different combinations of family members. Instead, have them take large group photos in action. Not only will your grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins’ cousins be included, but your photos will hold more meaning — and there’s nothing a photographer loves more than capturing real, magical moments. Also, remember that variety is what makes the best wedding albums. Make sure your photographer gets a healthy dose of candid shots, portraits and still images of décor items and scenery, for example.
  1. Pick the right venue. The backdrop for your photos will make the difference between a nice shot and a breathtaking memory. From urban landscapes to country pastures, there are many beautiful Milton and Burlington wedding venues that are ideally suited for the occasion. Crosswinds Golf & Country Club is one of Burlington’s favoured destinations for elegant ceremonies with rustic flare. Lush woodlands, rolling green hills, charming ponds, cedar bridges and gazebos, provide a magnificent and inspiring background to make your fairy tale wedding a dream come true.

If you’re looking for a breathtaking venue to host your picture-perfect wedding in Burlington or Milton, Ontario, come discover the natural beauty of Crosswinds Golf & Country Club. Surrounded by the majestic Niagara Escarpment, our golf course, patios, outdoor ceremony area and Grand Hall will make the perfect backdrop for your special day. Visit our Weddings page to learn more about how we can cater to your needs for this special day.

Crosswinds Golf Outdoor Wedding Venue in Burlington, Ontario

5 Creative Ideas for an Outdoor Wedding Ceremony in Burlington

There are many outdoor wedding venues in Ontario that have a timeless quality that pairs well with any theme. Outdoor weddings in Burlington can be elegant, whimsical, informal, traditional or anything else that you wish. Their malleability is part of what makes them so well-suited to so many people. Crosswinds Golf & Country Club is one of the best Burlington outdoor wedding venues around and our many years worth of experience hosting weddings ensures your special day will be as perfect as the occasion warrants. Over the years, there have been many unique and creative ideas incorporated into outdoor wedding ceremonies. Here are some of our favourites from years past that you may wish to adapt for your own event.
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Six things to do for your upcoming wedding at Crosswinds in Burlington

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