Stretching exercises for Spring Golf at Crosswinds Golf & Country Club in Burlington

How to Up Your Game: 5 Stretches to Do Before You Hit Your Favourite Mississauga and Oakville Golf Courses

Stretching is absolutely essential if you want to play a good round on your favourite Burlington, Mississauga and Oakville golf courses. It’s the best way to avoid injury or strain, and your flexibility also has a big impact on your swing speed, timing, stability, striking consistency and more. Keep reading for five stretches that’ll help you stay safe, improve your swing and up your game.

Stretch #1: Lower body

There’s nothing that can give more power to your lower body than adding squats and lunges to your pre-game warm-up. To perform a squat properly stand with your feet spread shoulder width apart, bend your knees and slowly lower your hips towards the ground. Be careful not to let your knees dip forward past your toes. Repeat 15 to 20 times.

To perform a lunge, simply stand up straight with your shoulders back then take a big step forward with one leg and hold that position while you lower your body towards the ground. Repeat 15 to 20 times and then switch legs.

Stretch #2: Trunk

Loosen up your trunk with a few sets of side bends. Place your legs shoulder width apart and bend your body to the right and hold for a few seconds before switching to your left side. Repeat 10 to 15 times.

Stretch #3: Arms and wrists

Get your wrists and forearms ready by extending one arm out in front of you with your palm facing up. Then, using your other hand, gently bend the extended hand towards the floor. Repeat three times then switch arms.

Stretch #4: Shoulders

Arm circles are a great way to loosen up your upper arms and back but there’s one other stretch you should try if you really want to get your shoulders ready to swing.

Stretch your arms out on either side of you so your body makes a “T” shape, then bend your arms up at the elbows and bring both arms together in front of you. Press your arms together to get the full benefit of this shoulder strengthening stretch.

Stretch #5: For your neck

Loosen up your neck with classic neck circles. Simply roll your head in a clockwise rotation making slow and deliberate circular motions. Do four or five repetitions and then switch directions.

At Crosswinds Golf & Country Club we believe that golfing should always be a pleasant experience. That’s why we encourage our golfers to warm up before each round. Compared with the most beautiful Mississauga and Oakville golf courses, Crosswinds Golf & Country Club in Burlington competes with the best.

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