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Which Clubs to Use When Playing at Burlington Golf Courses

Knowing which club to use in what situation is a critical element of your golf game. Choosing the wrong club can mean the difference between a fun afternoon and a forgettable one on your favourite golf course near Mississauga or Oakville.

Types of Golf Clubs

Let’s take a look at the main types of golf clubs and when to use them on your chosen Mississauga and Oakville golf courses:

  • Woods. You’ll recognise the woods by their large head and long shaft. They are designed to drive the ball for yardage. Don’t let the name fool you, though; most modern wood heads are made from materials like hollow steel, titanium or composite materials to keep them light in weight for maximum club head speed, and large-faced for greater accuracy. The one-wood, or driver, is the largest of the woods. Use your woods for your tee shot and maybe for a subsequent shot or two on long holes.
  • Irons. Most irons are no longer made of iron, but steel alloys, making them easier to use and providing more distance. Irons are recognisable by their shorter shafts, upright shaft angle and all-metal head with a flat, angled face. They are numbered 1 – 9, with progressively higher lofts, heavier heads and shorter shafts. Irons are the most versatile of the clubs: use them out of the tee box on short or dog-legged holes, on the approach to the green, to get out of hazards, or on tricky shots that require significant height or a compact swing.
  • Wedges. Wedges are a subcategory of irons with loft angles varying from 45 – 64°. They’re used for a variety of short-distance, high-altitude shots where accuracy is a must.
  • Hybrids. Hybrids can replace some fairway woods and low-numbered irons (which tend to be difficult to use with any consistency, anyway).
  • Putter. Used almost exclusively on the putting green, putters are designed to roll the ball towards the cup for greatest accuracy, rather than lifting it.

Golf rules typically restrict the number of clubs in your bag to 14. To respect that limit, the typical set of clubs on Mississauga and Oakville golf courses consist of a driver; a 2,3 or 4 fairway wood; seven irons (3 – 9); a pitching wedge; a sand wedge and a putter. The thirteenth and fourteenth clubs selected depend on the golfer’s tastes.

Your Full Burlington Golf Course Near Mississauga and Oakville

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