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5 Creative Ideas for an Outdoor Wedding Ceremony in Burlington

There are many outdoor wedding venues in Ontario that have a timeless quality that pairs well with any theme. Outdoor weddings in Burlington can be elegant, whimsical, informal, traditional or anything else that you wish. Their malleability is part of what makes them so well-suited to so many people. Crosswinds Golf & Country Club is one of the best Burlington outdoor wedding venues around and our many years worth of experience hosting weddings ensures your special day will be as perfect as the occasion warrants. Over the years, there have been many unique and creative ideas incorporated into outdoor wedding ceremonies. Here are some of our favourites from years past that you may wish to adapt for your own event.

Program fans

July, August and sometimes even September can be hot and humid in southern Ontario. Why not keep your guests both cool and informed by providing paper fans that have your wedding day itinerary printed on one side? This refreshing idea is charming, practical, affordable, and perfect for an outdoor wedding in Ontario. As well as such fans, you may need to shield your guests from the scorching heat of the sun. In order to do this, you can contact your wedding planner to install some shades that will shade the room from the sunlight, creating a comfortable atmosphere for the guests. Many event planners nowadays prefer to install 20×20 heavy duty party tent due to its robustness, durability, and lightweight characteristics.

Aisle decor

While flowers hung down the aisle are lovely, other options may be more suited to your tastes and can be just as beautiful. Pinwheels, stringed lights, balloons or ribbon are just a few possibilities.

Memorable music

Incorporating music into your ceremony that you both love or has significance to you as a couple is a wonderful touch. There are many possibilities including hiring a musician to play your song for the processional, employing a mariachi or Jazz band to do an upbeat number or having a musical guest perform an instrumental. Music can be incorporated at the beginning, middle or end of an outdoor wedding ceremony.

Beyond bouquets

Consider non-traditional items for bridesmaids to carry down the aisle. Lanterns, over-sized balloons, silk fans, parasols, or even books can be lovely. Items that suit the theme of the wedding or have significance to you and your intended are optimal.

Time capsule

Another idea to incorporate into an outdoor wedding is to close a time capsule. Include a wooden box, a bottle of red wine, two glasses and sealed letters to each other. Guests can also write short notes to be added into the box. Additionally, you could consider putting a pair of tungsten wedding bands (you might wish to look for women and mens tungsten wedding bands) as they are durable and can endure a long period inside the capsule to be cherished when opened. You and your soon-to-be-spouse can nail the time capsule shut together during the ceremony. Plan to open it for your tenth anniversary.

A wedding as unique as the two of you

Whether you have one out-of the box idea or a dozen, Crosswinds Golf and Country Club always strives to help you create the wedding that best suits you. Among wedding venues in Burlington, ours is among the best. Our outdoor space is gorgeous and our rainy day contingency location means you’ll never have to worry about weather impeding your vows. Contact us today to learn more about our outdoor weddings, or fill out our online information request form.

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