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Everything You Need to Know About Preparing a Personalized Wedding

Every year in Canada there are more than 150,000 weddings. A whopping 43% of those take place in Ontario.

It makes sense that, with so many nuptials, you want your special day to be different than all the rest.

Read on to find out how to have a truly personalized wedding.

Create a Wedding Website

A custom wedding invitation is nice. But what's even better is a whole website dedicated to your unique relationship.

Your site should give guests all the wedding details as well as juicy tidbits about your love story.

You can include funny stories, lots of pictures, wedding photos (after the event), and so much more. 

Incorporate Your Heritage

To have a truly personalized wedding, be sure to add elements from your culture or heritage into your big day.

For example, you could include antique silver candlesticks or other silver decor items, which were quite popular among the upper crust in the late 19th century. It can add a hint of a traditional touch that upper-class people adopted to use as a statement symbol in their homes.

Your menu could include family favorite recipes or cuisine from your motherland. You can nod to your culture with the decor and music as well.

It doesn't have to be overbearing. Just a few gentle touches will personalize the wedding venues people use all the time. 

Choose Meaningful Music

Yes, Pachelbel's Canon in D is beautiful. But does it say something about your relationship as a couple? 

Think carefully about the music playing during the ceremony as well as during dinner and, of course, for dancing. 

Include Meaningful Details

Pretty wedding venues often are so lovely you don't need much décor. Yet, even with the décor and flowers you do include, be sure to add some extra details using neon signs (you can check out the website of NeonMama for a few suggestions), a good cake topper, or other unique elements that are personal to you.

What significant items can you use on your special day? Perhaps there is a special piece of family jewelry passed down from previous generations.
You can attach it to your bouquet or sew a patch of special fabric into the lining of your wedding dress. Perhaps you can also create a photo booth so your guests can take stunning pictures. It would be fun to use cute wallpapers as the backdrop for your wedding photo booth, and your guests would most likely be impressed with how much thought you have put into the overall look of your big day.

Be Creative With Your Flower Girls

Who says you need to choose young girls as flower girls? You can make your beloved grandmothers on both sides play the role. 

Or if you do have little cousins who are dying to be flower girls, think outside the box about what they will carry. Balloons, lavender sprigs, wood signs, anything is possible! 

Serve Signature Drinks

A really fun way to make a personalized wedding is to serve (or create) a signature drink.

You could serve cocktails that are special to you or work with a bartender to create your own special brew.

Have fun with it and name your drink something cute and memorable. You can also include a sign at the bar that explains the meaning behind the beverage. 

Personalized Wedding Favors

Wedding favors don't have to be boring. You can make yours unique by making them something to do with your hobbies as a couple.

Perhaps you love camping together. A s'mores kit is a great favor. Or if you are both philanthropists, a KIVA gift card for each guest is perfect.

Love baking? Homemade cookies will be a hit. 

Think about the kind of personal wedding gifts someone would give you. You can turn that idea on its head and make it into a wedding favor. If you've ever given a wedding gift, then you would be aware that candles can make great wedding gifts for couples. Personalized candles commemorating your wedding day, therefore, could make for memorable wedding favors. Your guests will love leaving with a bit of your relationship after your special day.

Have the Personalized Wedding of Your Dreams

Thanks for reading! We hope this article has given you a bunch of ideas on how you can have a personalized wedding unlike any other.

Remember, this day is a celebration for the two of you. So be sure to include your personality, hobbies, and love story as part of it. That's what your guests really are there to celebrate.

Ready to start planning an unforgettable wedding? Unforgettable Burlington Weddings start at Crosswinds Golf & Country Club.

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