Six Essential Questions to Ask When Picking Wedding Venues

Selecting a wedding venue requires paying attention to last minute details since nobody wants things to go wrong on their special day. Some of you might make assumptions or not think about the larger picture while selecting a wedding location. Choose our wedding venue at Crosswinds Golf & Country Club for a plesant and memorable ceremony.

It is better to research and collect more information about the wedding venue before booking it for your big day. Ask the following important questions to make sure the venue is right for you:

1. How many people can be seated at your wedding venue?

It’s better to know about the total number of people who can be seated for dining before inviting all your guests. Also, inquire whether the cost of tables and chairs is included in the rent or not.

2. Can you choose your own caterer?

In case you have shortlisted your caterer as per your choice of wedding catering County Durham, or elsewhere, it would be advisable to relay this information to the venue providers you are considering. Some venues might charge an extra fee for this, especially if they have in-house caterers. So, it is better to talk and find out if you could use your personal caterers.

3. Does catering quote include staffing quote?

You would definitely not want to deal with some inevitable hidden costs while paying the final amount. It is better to discuss the fees for waiting-staff, bar-tenders and cleaning staff beforehand.

4. Do you need to decorate the venue?

Decorating the venue includes renting chair covers, hanging bunting, and choosing table linen and lighting. This costs extra money, time, and effort. So, ask if decoration costs are included in your rent or not. Also, ask around about hiring a wedding photographer. Some venues might have suggestions for a local photography company; otherwise, you will have to look for wedding photographers in DC (or elsewhere) online.

5. What if you extend beyond the finish time?

Some wedding venues have a finish time. Ask whether there is an extra fee for a late finish. Find out when the music would end or bar would close before deciding the time you want to end your wedding ceremony.

6. Who will be the point of contact?

Ask for contact details of the venue’s point of contact on the wedding day. You should have all necessary contact details or it would be challenging to communicate with venue managers.

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