Six things to do for your upcoming wedding at Crosswinds in Burlington

6 Things to do for Your Upcoming Wedding

Do these 6 things immediately when your wedding is 6 months away or less

Putting together a wedding in six months is entirely doable provided you have two things: flexibility and creativity. Kitted with these tools, tackle the following six tasks immediately and you’ll be well on your way to being ready for your big day.

  1. Write out your guest list and select your wedding party. Selecting your bridesmaids and groomsmen now will allow you to get them on board for necessities like dress fittings. Knowing the number of people you’d like to have present for your big day will help when you’re searching for Oakville, Milton, and Burlington wedding venues. For example, here at Crosswinds Golf & Country Club, we can accommodate as many as 170 guests, making it perfect for a mid-sized wedding celebration.
  2. Book a venue. Indoor and outdoor wedding venues in Burlington and elsewhere in Ontario often book up a year in advance or even earlier. For this reason, which venues are available and when may be limited. Being willing to compromise on your date can open up far more possibilities for your big day, especially if you’re amenable to having a Friday or Sunday ceremony and reception. Be prepared to place your deposit immediately once you find something that works for the both of you.
  3. The dress. When your wedding is only six months away, dress options are somewhat limited. Some boutiques require nine months or longer to order in a wedding gown. However, you can still find something stunning to wear, provided you keep an open mind. Consider buying something off the rack, either from a designer sample sale or from a store. Another option is to have something custom made, though you’ll pay a pretty penny if you go this route. While you’re at it, you should also order bridesmaid’s dresses now, as these too can take a number of months to order in.
  4. Photographer. Much like wedding venues, Burlington photographers too can get scheduled up to a year in advance and be unavailable for your desired date. You may need to relinquish your first choice and opt for another photographer. Alternatively, you could consider hiring a student or recent graduate who’s less experienced but available at a reduced rate. If you truly have your heart set on one particular photographer, you may need to schedule your wedding around his or her availability.
  5. Marriage Officiant. Whether you prefer a religious officiant or marriage commissioner, it’s crucial to meet with and book the person who will marry you and your fiancé, ASAP.
  6. Send out the invitations. Whether you do it digitally or traditionally, it’s time to officially invite all your guests to your wedding.

Getting these six tasks accomplished will ensure you’re wedding is on track. If you’re considering an outdoor wedding, contact us at Crosswinds Golf & Country Club to schedule a visit or book your date immediately.

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