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Specialty Clubs You Need in Your Golf Bag

Are you missing one or more clubs from your set that could help you advance your game? Maybe you’ve played with your beginner’s bag for a while and are starting to see where you have gaps in your collection. Or perhaps you’re a more seasoned golfer looking to supplement your set. Here are a few specialized clubs that will improve your game the next time you hit your favourite Mississauga and Oakville area golf courses.

Hybrid: instead of struggling to control your shots with a fairway wood or a long iron, why not make your life—and swing—easier with a hybrid club. These clubs combine the larger and heavier head of a wood and the shaft of an iron to make a club that’s easier to control without compromising distance or trajectory. These useful clubs also make getting out of the rough almost seem like a piece of cake.

Gap wedge: your set probably came with a pitching wedge, and maybe you already got yourself a sand wedge to get out of bunkers, but there’s still a gap that needs to be filled. For shots that need higher trajectory than you can get with your pitching wedge and more distance than possible with your sand wedge, a gap wedge is what you need.

Putter: here’s where you can let your personality shine through. From traditional blades to driver-like mallets, there are many different types of putters to choose from. The best one for you is the club you feel best with. There’s no scientific evidence that a certain shape or size of putter works better than others, so the key here is to find a putter that feels good in your hands and is fun to use.

Ball retriever: while it’s not a club, this is an important tool to keep in your golf bag. A telescopic ball retriever allows you to find your lost ball easily, and can help you avoid getting wet when your ball lands in the pond. Choose one that has a cup scoop instead of just a circle to make picking up your ball even easier.

Now that your golf bag is stacked, it’s time to try out your new clubs on local Mississauga and/or Oakville area golf courses. Located in Burlington, Crosswinds Golf & Country Club offers an 18-hole championship course with amazing views of the beautiful Niagara escarpment. Book your tee-time online or call us today to book your next golf game.

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