Prime your golf game for the next season at Crosswinds Golf & Country Club

Spring Swing: Prime Your Golf Game for the New Season

Golfers, it’s time. Get those clubs out of the basement and iron your chinos. Golf courses throughout Oakville, Mississauga and the GTA have been hard at work to prepare their greens for the start of the season. At Crosswinds Golf & Country Club in Burlington, our grounds crew wants to provide you the best possible golfing experience. Are you ready for the first tee off of the season? Here are a few ways to make sure you are set for the golf season.

Get Your Gear Ready

If your clubs are still caked in dirt from last year, give them a good cleaning. Debris stuck in the grooves of your wedges can impact your backspin. Also, inspect the grips. If they seem like they’re beginning to give out, have them replaced. Check your glove for holes and determine the condition of your shoe spikes. Finally, pack your golf bag with necessities and nice to haves like sunscreen, bug repellent, tees, ball markers and an umbrella for those April showers. An extra towel is also a blessing if things get a little wet.

Get Yourself Ready

Spent the winter months watching TV and vegging out? You’ll want to start exercising ASAP. Walking or jogging every evening will get you accustomed to being on your feet for those long treks around the golf course. Pilates or yoga can help you build up your core and flexibility. Strength training will give you muscle for those power swings. The more you can prepare beforehand, the better you’ll feel after your first round. Make sure your body is doing well. With every new season, you are a year older and therefore run the risk of suffering from back problems. If you feel like your back is not in the best condition, consider setting up a consultation with a lumbar specialist such as Dr Timothy Steel and others. After all, being safe is always better than risking spinal damage.


Stretch and limber up before diving in for your first tee off of the season at your favourite Burlington golf course. A good warm-up is the best way to evade golf related pains and strains. Be mindful of how your body feels throughout your round, and slow down or take breaks as needed.

Start slow

Instead of jumping into those full swings (you’ll have those nailed in no time anyway), begin with putting or chipping to get reacquainted with holding a club. Visit the Crosswinds Driving Range and practice Putting Greens and allow yourself the space to fine-tune your stroke. After all, golf is as much about finesse as it is power.

Understand the Season

Despite the mild winter, the grounds have only recently thawed for golf courses in the shadow of the Niagara escarpment – from Milton to Burlington, Oakville and beyond. Dampness of the green will result in deeper divots, and newly sprung grass makes for slower putts with less break than would be expected in the summer months. At Crosswinds, we maintain our greens and fairways with the utmost care, but there will always be a high number of variables affecting how the course plays during the spring.

Take Some Lessons

A great game-enhancing thing to do at the start of every golf season is to invest in some lessons. A professional can help you fine-tune your swing and help you correct that hook or slice. Call the Crosswinds Pro Shop for more info and pricing about golf lessons with our certified teaching instructors.

Have Realistic Expectations

It’s unlikely that your first game of the season will produce your top score. Expect to be rusty. It’s sensible to assume that it’ll take a few weeks to get into the swing of things.

First Tee-off

Join us at Crosswinds Golf & Country Club for your first stroke of the season. Our championship course cascades over 200 beautiful acres on the Niagara escarpment. Book a round online today or call us with any questions.

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