The Three Outdoor Wedding Seasons

Outdoor weddings are gaining popularity as they offer couples the liberty to decorate the venue to match their own personality. They can opt for any theme they want, unlike interior settings, where they would have to take other designs into consideration. If you are seeking outdoor wedding venues in Ontario, get in touch with Crosswinds Golf & Country Club. Our location has a stately elegance and we offer reliable services to make your wedding a memorable affair.

Outdoor wedding venues are very relaxing and offer fantastic backdrops for you to click pictures. The lighting outside is always better, they also have plenty of space and you can come up with ideas that wouldn’t work elsewhere.

Make Crosswinds Golf & Country Club your outdoor wedding venue in Ontario. Our location accommodates approximately 170 people and is dedicated exclusively to your private use.

There are a few popular wedding months in which most couples want to tie the knot. The weather during these days is usually temperate, allowing everyone to enjoy the beautiful outdoors. Although good weather is never guaranteed, unfortunately. Even during the warmer months, it is advisable to keep an eye on the weather, you could potentially find more here about unique ways to do this if you wanted to.


Spring is most often associated with weddings and is the prime time for nuptials. The warm weather and long days are perfect for your nuptials outdoor wedding ceremony. The gardens are in full bloom and you have easy access to a wide variety of stems and flowers like peonies, primrose, and freesia. Using flowers for decorations also helps keep your budget under check. Even beach weddings can be a breeze during the spring, with the weather being just right and not too sunny either. If you have always dreamed of a wedding by the beach, then you should go for it! There are plenty of great locations to choose from, and you can definitely get a skilled Cape Cod wedding photography team (or whichever location you choose) to click the perfect photos against the backdrop of the sunset!

Brides usually opt for softer colors and pastel hues during this season. If you are not very excited with this palette, you can choose a color scheme that will best suit you. Pick vibrant colors like coral, violet and warm yellow which are unconventional but also seasonally appropriate. They will add an element of surprise and make your day truly unique. Your bridesmaids can also wear shorter dresses for warm weather.

Serve refreshing drinks to your guests before dinner. This is a great way to keep them energized and happy. Order a cake covered with fondant so it holds up better in the heat; you can use delicate rice paper flowers to decorate it.


Summertime means clear blue skies and long sunny days. But, there is a lot more to love about this time of the year. From splendid florals to flexibility with colors and themes, you get all the options you could ever hope for. You also get a greater selection of in-season florals, allowing you to make more dynamic and colorful arrangements. With breathtaking waterfront locations and plush gardens as backdrops for your wedding photographs, if you make sure you hire the best wedding photographers Rhode Island (or nearby), you may be able to get some beautiful photographs to cherish for years to come. In case you have been dreaming of a beautiful outdoor wedding, this season is perfect for you.

Choose a place that provides both outdoor and indoor areas in case the weather outside gets too hot. Summer showers are also a big risk in most areas. It is always best to have a plan to move the ceremony indoors in case of bad weather. Serve cold drinks and cocktails made with seasonal berries to your guests. Salads and cold foods like sorbets could also be served. You could additionally welcome your visitors from other cities by opting for melbourne chauffeur services, so that the professional Chauffeurs can pick them up at the airport. He is a professional who is hired to transport clients in a safe and timely manner from one location to another. They have a friendly, calm demeanor and provide prompt customer service. They also handle travel logistics and may advise the client on local activities. It could be a good idea to impress your guests during the hot summer months so that they don’t have to suffer in the heat while traveling from the airport to your wedding venue.

With regards to other wedding arrangements, like for the wedding cake, you can select light and refreshing flavors like lemon and coconut. Brides can choose a dress made up of breathable fabric; grooms can opt for a linen suit. Yellow, gold and other such tones can add a touch of elegance. Select bright-colored table runners and plates such as hot pink or aqua.


This is one of the most colorful and vibrant seasons – with beautiful burnished leaves covering your garden, stunning natural light and mild outdoor temperature. For autumn weddings, you should pick a place that will be comfortable in cooler temperatures.

When choosing a color scheme for wedding dresses, opt for reds, oranges and gold accents. This is a wonderful time of the year to celebrate golden shades. You can add extra bronzer and orange or red eyeshadows to your makeup. Use flowers like roses, chrysanthemums and tulips for decorations as they go well with these colors. There is a lot of variation in daylight during this season. Therefore, click your wedding pictures roughly an hour after sunrise or before sunset.

This season allows you to make bolder menu choices. Serve your guests mulled wine or personalized cocktails to keep them warm. Use figs, berries or other seasonal harvests to decorate your wedding cake.

Book your venue well in advance during these peak wedding seasons. Crosswinds Golf & Country Club offers outdoor wedding venues in Ontario. We offer all the on-site amenities you require for your special day. Contact us today!

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