Outdoor Wedding Venues

What to Look for to Have the Perfect Outdoor Wedding

When it comes to outdoor wedding venues, you need a natural atmosphere and ambience to make your special day a memorable one. Along with the beautiful setting, consider things such as food, decorations and accommodations to plan a perfect wedding. Count on Crosswinds Golf & Country Club for beautiful and private outdoor wedding venues in Southern Ontario. We provide exclusive onsite amenities and an outdoor wedding ceremony area that accommodates approximately 170 people to ensure your wedding day will last in everyone’s memories. 

Steps to follow to have the perfect outdoor wedding are:

1. Keep Your Guests Comfortable 

Plan your wedding based on the weather conditions and the amenities available. Ensure that your event venue can accommodate all your guests comfortably. Take precautions to protect them if the weather conditions are bad.

  • If the weather is warm, consider providing your guests with a fan. Organize the seating in such a way that your guests are shaded from the sun 
  • For a spring, fall or winter wedding, consider providing shawls or blankets and let your guests know in advance so that they can wear extra layers. You can also rent a portable heater to keep your guests warm. 
  • Make special arrangements and plan for relevant clothes, hairstyles and flowers for windy conditions. 
  • To deter bugs and insects, use natural pesticides such as rosemary, lavender or mint

These arrangements will almost certainly ensure that your family and guests have the best time possible. That way, when they stand with you in front of a family photographer to get clicked, they probably won't look tired or grumpy because of the hot or cold weather.

2. Plan for Food and Beverages 

Choose a company that is experienced in planning an outdoor wedding menu. Plan a menu depending on the weather conditions. Some things to look out for are: 

  • For warm weather, avoid food items that can melt and attract pests 
  • Provide plenty of beverages and water stations 

3. Use Direction Signs 

Consider adding direction signs all over your gorgeous Wedding Venue in Dallas, TX (if that is where you are holding the event) to avoid confusion. You can also separate the wedding area from washrooms or trash cans by adding a carpet area. Save your guests the additional trouble of finding or asking for routes.

4. Accommodations 

Consider nearby accommodations when selecting your outdoor wedding venues. It will be easier to manage the accommodations for your loved ones who will be travelling into town for the wedding. Another benefit of nearby accommodation is you don’t have to schedule transportation for moving guests from one location to another. 

5. Decorations 

With outdoor wedding venues, you will get a natural backdrop, which lessens your need to decorate. But your wedding venue must have electricity in place for lighting, kitchen appliances and speakers for the band or DJ. Also, take special care when using decorative items such as LED candles and lanterns to ensure they won’t blow away or are tipped over due to windy weather. 

Outdoor wedding venues, in fact, can provide the best backdrop for wedding photography. Not to mention that you'd most likely need to find a good photographer for your special occasion who can make use of all of the outdoor lighting and decorations. Wedding photography is crucial because it captures your day your memories and tells a story. And not just any story, but a beautiful tale of your special day, a day you will never forget. A narrative you can tell your friends and family, your children and grandchildren, something you will have and treasure for the rest of your life. And, to that end, perfect photography at a perfect outdoor location on your wedding day may serve as the icing on the cake.

That's why you might want to check the venue personally before finalizing it. Research and ask questions to make sure the venue is right for you. Crosswinds Golf & Country Club offers an outdoor wedding ceremony area with an intimate setting framed by lush woodlands, a meandering creek and cedar footbridge. Fill out our wedding information request so that we can assist you better in your wedding planning.

Contact us today for our wedding packages and outdoor venue details.

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